Federal Drug Trafficking and Conspiracy Lawyer

David Cavazos is an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer with over 15 years experience representing individuals who have been investigated or charged in high-level federal drug conspiracy cases.


Do Not Talk to the Feds

If you are under investigation by federal agents in regard to a drug conspiracy, it is urgent that you contact an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer immediately. Do not speak to law enforcement agents regardless of their threats, promises of leniency, or other interview techniques designed to get you to talk.

Experienced Federal Drug Crimes Lawyer

David Cavazos has extensive experience in dealing with suppression issues and combating wiretapping evidence collected by secret recordings prominent in federal drug trafficking cases. The very sweeping nature of most of these conspiracy investigations inevitably leads to reckless, improper, even illegal investigative procedures. We know how to get at the heart of these procedures, argue against the admission of illegally obtained evidence, and aggressively put the government to its burden of proof.

We know that no matter how unpopular a high-level drug defendant may be, that jurors do not expect or condone dirty law enforcement agents or the illegal conduct in which they sometimes engage. Prosecutors know this as well. Sometimes simply discovering illegally obtained evidence, or law enforcement agents who have stepped over the legal line, can have incredible benefits to an individual facing serious time in federal prison.

Do not Speak to a Federal Law Enforcement Agent without a Lawyer

If you become a target, or even a person of interest, in a federal drug trafficking investigation, do not speak to any law enforcement officer, either at the state or federal level without first consulting an experienced federal drug defense lawyer. Demand to speak to an attorney. You have an absolute Sixth Amendment right to demand this.

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