San Antonio Computer Crime Defense Lawyer

Cyber crimes involve complex issues and a need to understand criminal defense in this unique area and the technology involved. With David Cavazos, Attorney at Law, clients get a San Antonio computer crime defense lawyer with extensive experience in both. We provide tough, ethical criminal defense for people accused of computer crimes.

David Cavazos has 15 years of experience practicing law. As a former assistant district attorney, he is highly qualified to defend people accused of computer hacking, internet crimes, and other cyber crimes.

Computer Crimes/Hacking Explained

With the rapid technological development of computers and the growth of the internet over the past 20 years, computers have operated as a key tool to allow individuals to commit cyber crimes. There are numerous types of crimes that are considered computer (or cyber) crimes. Some of the more common crimes include:

  • improperly accessing another person’s computer or network
  • Hacking or cracking into computer files or email belonging
  • to another person or business
  • internet solicitation
  • Internet fraud
  • Identity theft

Texas Computer Crime Laws

Texas, as well as numerous other states, has enacted legislation to combat computer crimes and to protect victims of these crimes. In particular, Texas has enacted a statute to make it a crime to improperly access another person’s computer. Under the Texas statute, it is a crime if a person knowingly accesses a computer, computer network, or computer system without the effective consent of the owner. “Access” is defined broadly to mean to approach, instruct, communicate with, store data in, retrieve or intercept data from, alter data or computer software in, or otherwise make use of anysource of a computer, computer network, computer program, or computer system.

Federal Computer/Cyber Crime Laws

In addition to state computer crime laws, there are also various federal laws against computer crimes. One example is the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which makes it a crime to intentionally access a protected computer without authorization. The the term “protected computer” means a computer exclusively for the use of a financial institution or the United States Government or which is used in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce or communication.

Contact a Computer Crime Defense Attorney

If you are the subject of a computer crime investigation, it is important have an experienced Texas computer crime defense attorney on your side. At the Cavazos Law Firm P.C., we have extensive experience defending individuals against computer crimes, including Internet solicitation, Internet fraud, and identity theft.

Contact David Cavazos to schedule a confidential and complimentary consultation for computer hacking, computer fraud, or other cyber crime charges. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call (210) 947-5602 now to schedule an appointment or visit our office.

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